Prenatal & Maternity Massage

Exclusive Pregnancy, Prenatal and Maternity Massage at Reflexion Spa.

There is nothing like being a mother. Motherhood brings emotions from across the spectrum, not to mention aches and pains during pregnancy. However, pregnancy massage, otherwise known as prenatal massage, available at Reflexion Spa Chicago, can help alleviate these issues. Since you would not pick an OB/GYN last-minute, why should getting a quality prenatal massage be any different?

An Exclusive Pregnancy Massage Can Put Your Mind at Ease.

As identified by the U.S. Library of Medicine, up to 20 percent of women may experience depression in their lifetimes, but pregnancy is one of the periods of greatest vulnerability to depression. During your prenatal massage at Reflexion Spa, you get an exclusive retreat from the stresses of becoming a mother. The quality, trained massage therapists at Reflexion Spa will tailor your massage to your unique needs.

Your prenatal massage may include a deep-tissue massage of the neck, and by applying pressure to specific points in the neck, your massage therapist will work to reduce the drain caused by pregnancy. In addition, massage triggers the release of relaxing, mood-boosting endorphins, the body’s natural form of morphine.

Another factor that helps reduce stress is the environment. Reflexion Spa takes every consideration to create a welcoming, relaxing environment. Ambient lighting and exclusive scheduling mean your therapist is not pressured to finish early or skip important parts of the massage. As a result, you can enter a state of reserve with greater ease and take full advantage of the mental health-boosting benefits of a pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy Massage Stimulates Circulation, Improving Health of Both Mom and Baby.

Swelling, aches and pains are typically thought of unavoidable and untreatable during pregnancy. But, prenatal massage stimulates the blood vessels throughout the body and extremities. Thus, the massage encourages the healthy distribution of nutrients in the mother’s body, which results in better nourishment to the womb and baby and fewer aches and pains.

The exclusivity of Reflexion Spa goes further by proactively positioning you to eliminate risk of harm to your unborn child. Unlike traditional massages, prenatal massage therapists need to take extra care in positioning mothers to prevent injury. This ensures an uninterrupted blood supply to the child and effectively increases the blood flow to muscles in your back and extremities. Better circulation allows muscles to heal faster, which reduces inflammation and swelling.

Better muscle health also means fewer sore spots and increased mobility. In other words, a pregnancy massage can be thought of as an added boost to give you the energy you need to care for your child after delivery.

Discover the Benefits of Pregnancy Massage by Booking Your Retreat Today.

The changes to your body during pregnancy are dramatic. The center of gravity in your pelvis shifts. Your ligaments weaken, and your body attunes itself to be the perfect environment for a growing baby. Unfortunately, these changes increase your risk of falls, issues with bladder control and more. But, you can give yourself and your baby a better chance of healthy delivery and better overall health by taking advantage of a pregnancy massage.

You already have a lot on your plate, so reward yourself for bringing life into the world with your custom pregnancy massage. In fact, you can make a spa day out of it by scheduling Green, baby-safe and exclusive salon services at Reflexion Spa too. Of course, planning a truly exclusive experience for your prenatal massage takes some time, so book your appointment in advance.