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Exclusive Massage Services at Reflexion Spa

The health benefits of massage are undisputed. But, a massage should be about more than a quick rub-down. You should have options, and your therapist should take the time to help you decide what type of massage will provide the greatest relief for what ails you. In fact, this is the guiding principle behind Reflexion Spa Hinsdale and Chicago’s exclusivity. The team at Reflexion Spa understand that massage works best when a combination of massages is used and when attention is placed on your body, not a countertop timer.

A massage at a warrior’s retreat spa in Hinsdale, Reflexion Spa, can help reduce stress and improve your quality of life too. But, it is always helpful to know what type of massages are offered in advance to ensure you book the right therapist and service for your exclusive experience.

Swedish Massage at Reflexion Spa Hinsdale and Chicago.

Swedish massage is one of the most popular forms of massage in use today. Your therapist applies light to medium pressure and used fluid strokes to boost circulation and the proliferation of antioxidants and health-boosting nutrients in the body.

Tui Na Massage.

Tui Na massage uses techniques in deep tissue massage, comparable to Swedish massage. However, your therapist will apply additional pressure to remove tension with the depths of your muscles. In addition, Tui Na massage combines acupressure to address points of energy within the muscle that can help heal other ailments associated with tension in the joints and muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage.

Deep tissue massage involves high-pressure massage of areas of the body experiencing pain, stiffness, soreness or aches. The added level of manipulation in this massage can be attuned to your unique needs too.

For example, someone experiencing pain in the lower back may benefit from a deep tissue massage in the same area to encourage blood flow and promote healing.

Hot Stone, Bamboo and Hybrid Massage Options at Reflexion Spa Hinsdale.

Another factor to consider in selecting your exclusive massage session is additional services to use, like bamboo-guided pressure, hot stones to relax away the pain slowly or a combination of the two. Furthermore, hot stone and bamboo can be combined with deep tissue or Swedish massages to further enhance the experience and results.

Cranial and Neck Massage.

Many people carry stress in their neck and the muscles surrounding the skull. Although you may not realize it, these muscles can become tense and actually propagate headaches, neck pain and stress itself. However, the experienced massage therapists of Reflexion Spa can work to relieve the tension through a series of applied strokes and physical manipulation of the muscles in the neck. As a result, you may experience less stress and head pain. Meanwhile, Reflexion Spa’s inviting atmosphere allows your mind to relax while your therapist works away the kinks.

Reflexology Massage.

Reflexology is comparable to massages using acupressure. During a Reflexology massage, your therapist will massage and manipulate acupressure points in your feet and hands that correspond to areas of the body. By carefully considering your health and pain complaints, your therapist will create an individualized massage plan to provide the greatest healing and benefit to you. In addition, you can combine a Reflexology massage with a hand and foot massage, focusing on the areas from the knees to the feet and the elbows to the hands.

Other Massages to Consider

Another innovative way to enhance your experience lies in the maximum relief afforded during a four-hand massage. Two massage therapists work in tandem to provide twice the massage benefits in one sitting. If you and your spouse or significant other would like, you can also schedule a couple’s massage. Of course, it is important to book two massage therapists when scheduling either a couple’s or four-hand massage to ensure therapist availability.

Nuga Best

Our Experiences in Europe and Asia expose us to a variety of potential products and services no one in the states offers. Honestly many of them are ridiculous gimmicks that we quickly dismiss; however, there is one we have recently decided to invest in called the Nuga Best NM7000. The Nuga Best NM7000 is very popular abroad but we have discovered Reflexion Spa-Hinsdale is the only spa in the state of Illinois that features this therapy.  

It sounded too good to be true which is usually a sign of trouble, but there are loads of unfiltered reviews online that rave about the benefits, so we had to see for ourselves…and the outcome is real. For those who have chronic pain that keeps coming back, perhaps this is the solution for you, and at Reflexion Spa we care enough to bring the best options for health and wellness to you. Through the end of 2017 we are offering a 20 minute session FREE upon completion of one of our standard 60 or 90 minute massage appointments…just mention this when you call or reply to the appointment confirmation email that you would like to add Nuga. You are also welcome to schedule 30 minute Nuga sessions individually. In combination with our award winning massage and spa services there is no doubt we are the one stop to help you look and feel your absolute best. 

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If you have never had a massage, it is time you see how it can help for yourself. Also, if you are concerned about the personal, intimate nature of a massage, Reflexion Spa is perfect for you. This is due to Reflexion’s commitment to exclusivity, focusing on your, your needs and your body, not the next person in line. Schedule your appointment online today.