Facial Services

Exceptional Facials, Exclusive Benefits 

Stress takes a major toll on the body, and one of the first areas to experience the loss of luster due to stress is the face. Your face is how you introduce yourself to others. It is the most unique part of you, and you need to care for it. To restore and maintain a youthful, radiant complexion, you need an exclusive, unique facial treatment plan, and Reflexion Spa Hinsdale has the exclusive services that will put the light back in your eyes and cheeks.

Standard Facial Treatments Get a Makeover at Reflexion Spa.

Standard facial treatments in Hinsdale, like Glycolic peels with a chocolate Masque, are part of what makes Reflexion Spa unique. The technicians understand the proven science and youth-benefiting factors that come from these facials. Your exclusive experience can begin with this or a Green Science Anti-Aging Peel and Masque. Emphasize your outermost beauty with an Outer Peace Facial, restoring the vitality of your skin’s most damaged areas, or take advantage of a Revitalight facial in 30 minutes. In addition, you can combine any facial with an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peel to achieve lasting results for your unique style and skin.

Reflexion Spa Puts You at the Center of Essential Aveda Facials Too.

Aveda products are world-renowned for their purity, strength and results, and Reflexion Spa Hinsdale offers an exclusive lineup of Aveda facials. Give your beauty a breath of fresh air with a 60-minute Essential Aveda session, or combine it with a Hot Stone or Mini Hot Stone Massage. Of course, Aveda means getting only the best, so even an Express Facial with Essential Aveda products can do wonders for your beauty.

Green Science Facials and New Pumpkin Enzyme Peels Let Nature Work for You.

Going green is a hot, trendy topic, and it has become part of the exclusivity of Reflexion Spa. Spend 30 minutes of your time and receive a one-hour Green Science Facial, or plan for your future beauty with by scheduling five future Green Facials, which only require 30 minutes each.

Pumpkins have an amazing ability to avoid withering much longer than most of nature’s edible gifts. Put the power of pumpkins to work with a 30-minute Pumpkin Peel, or really get the most out of your one-of-a-kind experience by combining a Pumpkin Peel with a Pumpkin Masque.

Extractional Facials Deep Clean Your Skin, Restoring Radiance.

A 40-minute Extractional Facial can help prevent the premature signs of aging on the face. Paired with the excitement of a Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, you can face the challenges of life without worry and fear of aging. When life truly gets in the way, you might amp up your exclusive experience by embracing a 60-minute Extractional Facial too.

Book Your Next Facial at Reflexion Spa Hinsdale in Advance.

Getting the results you want hinges on knowing what services and types of facials will benefit your unique skin tone, texture and health. Do not make a sudden decision on your next facial. Consider how every treatment varies, and let the trained, experienced technicians at Reflexion Spa Hinsdale create a facial treatment plan that will surpass your wildest dreams. In fact, do yourself a favor, and book your next Reflexion facial in advance to guarantee an unmatched level of exclusivity. That will give you enough time to plan for your ideal and unique facial treatment.