Why People All Over the World Are Turning to Nuga Best for Pain Relief

When was the last time you felt your absolute best? Today, we're plagued by stress, chronic pain and inflammation that significantly impacts our quality of life. In response, we seek out therapies for pain relief. Recently, there has been a movement toward natural and gentle therapies that heal non-invasively.

As members of the spa industry, we see trends in pain relief come and go. We keep our focus on therapeutic remedies that we know work. In our experience, we have seen one therapeutic method grow in respect and popularity. This method is the Nuga Best technology, and more people are turning to it every day. Here's why.

What is So Unique About Nuga Best Therapy?

Nuga Best combines several healing therapies, each a powerful healing modality on its. When combined to work together, the healing experience is unlike anything we've seen in the spa industry before.

With Nuga Best therapy, patients receive an integrated approach that includes massage, acupressure, heat and far infrared light (FIR) therapy.

The Nuga Best technology has proven to be beneficial in treating a wider range of symptoms than traditional massage techniques alone. Clients have successfully sought out pain relief from Nuga Best therapies for many medical issues, including:

● Back and pain
● Nerve pain
● Sciatica
● Spinal misalignments
● Leg pain and muscle fatigue
● Arthritis and other inflammatory health conditions
● Cardiovascular health
● Elevated blood pressure
● Obesity
● Stress, tension and anxiety
● Sleep disorders

The key to Nuga Best Massage success for so many disorders is strongly tied to the use of far infrared light therapy. Never heard of it? Let us introduce you.

Gentle Healing with Far Infrared Light (FIR)

FIR is a specific wavelength of light energy. All light transmits some form of heat energy. With wavelengths found at the far, red end of the spectrum, the effect is more pronounced. FIR wavelengths are completely safe and pose no threat to your health in the way that dangerous ultraviolet rays do.

It was discovered that FIR therapy can penetrate the skin, without damaging or burning it and reach into the deeper tissues of the body. It is here that FIR creates its magic.

Far infrared therapies have been studied and used for pain relief in Japan and China for decades. With the development of Nuga Best Massage Beds, more people the entire world over are experiencing the benefits of therapeutic FIR treatment.

Once FIR light penetrates your body, it causes amazing things to happen. It stimulates blood flow, which is great for people with circulatory problems. The heat component soothes chronic inflammation, which is precursor to many modern diseases. Muscle tension and knots are released without the need for muscular manipulation, which not everyone can handle. FIR light therapy offers a gentle, natural approach to health, the world over.

Are you curious and want to learn more about Nuga Best Massage therapy? We would love to help you learn more. Schedule an appointment at Reflexion Spa today.