When I choose a 'parlor'...and other things that need to be corrected

Massage parlors, happy endings, masseuse...all such terrific terms right? I can't count the number of times I have heard these used in casual conversation by potential customers. On rare occasions past customers have even blown past all the terrific reviews, everything they read and see and experience intent that somehow their perception and expectations create truth...and then when our attractive, professional therapists that have spent years training and often have additional formal training provide the best massage they have ever had but don't entertain anything additional they are incensed and ask what kind of a "parlor" is this...that 'masseuse' gave horrible service...
Honestly, we will take those kinds of compliments all day long...we are Chicago's favorite fix it spot, and our therapists skills are unmatched. Bring a friend and see what you have been missing. See you soon ;-)