What's New in Nail Care: Vitamins, Oils and More.


Keeping your nails shiny and healthy takes time, and Reflexion spa services Hinsdale residents really must know their stuff. In fact, the past year saw many new, alternative techniques to approaching nail health, including using oils, vitamins and regular nail treatments. Before you resign your nails to brittleness or discoloration, consider asking your technician about these options. In addition to Reflexion Spa's committment to only using the highest quality, most natural products possible for nails, we thought you might find these tips for how to nourish your nails useful.

What Oils Are “Hot” in Nail Health?

Remember those days when Mom would pull out the castor oil for any health issues? Today, castor oil is being used to reinvigorate nail health around the globe, reports Castor oil has been shown to help strengthen brittle nails and help peel cuticles. In addition, castor oil acts as an anti-fungal when used in conjunction with an Epsom salt and water bath.

Another oil that became popular for nails in 2017 was hemp oil, reports The Huffington Post. Hemp oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids (EFAs), vitamin D and amino acids. While it might seem like hemp oil is only available in areas that have legalized recreational or medicinal marijuana, many similar versions are available on the market with 0-percent THC content. In other words, most hemp oils have specific labels indicating their lack of THC.

What About Vitamins to Improve Nail Spa Services in Hinsdale?
Vitamins play a major role in the overall health of nails. These vitamins include vitamin C, vitamin A, retinoids, retinal, zinc, silicon, copper, selenium, vitamin B12 and many more, explains the U.S. National Library of Medicine. However, different vitamins can help reduce specific nail problems. For example, a 2.5-miligram dose of biotin daily improves brittle nail syndrome. In addition, vitamins can provide that extra boost to your nails, improving your self-confidence along the way. If you are uncertain about the type of vitamins that will most benefit your nails, consider asking your nail technician or pharmacist for more information. If nothing else, a well-rounded, daily vitamin should help you get the vitamins you need to improve your nail health.

Of course, taking any sort of supplement can be dangerous if you take medications for medical issues. So, speak with your doctor to ensure vitamins and herbal supplements for nail health do not interact with existing medications.

Spa Services Hinsdale Residents Demand Can Restore Your Nail Vitality.
Life can be chaotic, and taking care of your nails can seem to find its way onto the back burner. However, you do not have to live with dry, brittle, cracking, yellowing or otherwise problematic nails. Speak with a licensed technician about what else you can do to get the healthy, vivacious nails you have been looking for. Book your warrior’s retreat online at Reflexion Spa or by calling 1 (630) 321-1772.