What to say to a Therapist to get the most out of your massage


You come in to tune out. However, a few words to your therapist can make for a more enjoyable experience. Having been both a receivers of massages and a as therapists, we understand how frustrating an uncomfortable massage can be. Get the Chicago or Hinsdale massage you need in order to feel better with a few of the following tips.

1. Tell your therapist about any specific conditions, past injuries, or medications that you may be taking. Individuals with blood pressure issues and chronic injuries should inform the therapist of their situation. If you have any allergies, such as to nuts or a specific essential oil, please inform your massage therapist. This helps providers use products with ingredients that will not cause an allergic reaction. All information divulged is kept confidential and is used to tailor your service.

2. Share if you feel uncomfortable with bolster placement, neck pressure when you are face down in the face cradle and overall pressure during a massage. A massage is about your comfort. The massage therapist wants to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible during your session.

3. Be comfortable telling a therapist to change pressure, move to another area, or that you feel sensitive or emotional when an area is touched. The same pressure applied to two different areas can feel very different. If you require a deeper or lighter touch, tell your therapist. In addition, touch can elicit emotional responses that can be unexpected. If something during a session makes you feel uncomfortable, please inform your therapist. We typically use large towels to cover areas but sheets are available should any of our customers desire - all you have to do is ask.

4. Talk to the therapist about any areas of concern. Many people have neck and back pain and there are specific techniques that can be used to address tension and adhesions in the muscle in the affected areas. When you share information about your physical concerns with your therapist, they can adapt the session to meet your needs. If you want more focused work in a specific area, let them know, understanding that they may have to spend less time on other areas of the body to give the attention required to that area. If they seem to be working on other areas and you are curious feel free to might be amazed at the way different parts of the body interact with each other.

5. Know that the receptionist and therapist are there to help you. If you are new to having a massage in general or want to try a different type of massage, such as Tui Na, for the first time, know that they are available to answer your questions. Ask them about what to expect during a session, if you will be fully clothed or partially clothed, and anything you should do to prepare for a session. Reflexion Spa therapists want you to enjoy every session scheduled at their Chicago and Hinsdale locations.

How to Get the Most from Your Hinsdale or Chicago Massage?

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