Top 4 Male Health Myths

The world is awash with a plethora of health and lifestyle tips floating around gym locker rooms; found in the latest supermarket rag with the hot celebrity couple on the cover that spends half their days in the gym and the other half sponsoring the latest health craze, and of course the blogosphere where anyone with a keyboard can express their ‘expertise’. It should come as no surprise then that while some tips are truly pearls of wisdom so many others are of dubious origin. To boot, new scientific studies are constantly changing the consensus on what they deem “healthy”. For these reasons, it can be a full time job just trying to keep up with what you should and should not be doing...who has time for that?!? In our soundbite smartphone always on society we only have time for bits of information, so perhaps you will find these bits of interest.

1. Restricting calories is enough to lose weight.

We marked this number one because it has been a popular slinky statement since long before Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons were competing for the most stylish leg warmers (ugh). Newsflash in case you haven’t heard, not all calories are created the same, so calorie counting has largely been discredited as a means to getting in shape. Instead, just focus on eating healthy, non-processed foods and your body will thank you. Did you catch the most important piece in that last cliche statement you have heard or read hundreds of times? Non-processed is the key.

2. You should avoid saturated fats.

This myth was popular when the American Heart Association blamed saturated fats for cardiovascular disease. Since then, scientists agree that some saturated fat improves heart health, along with improving brain and immune health. Don’t take our word for it, google TIME: Eat Butter. Oh, and by the way...margarine is NOT butter.

3. You should eat all the protein you can.

Men who work out and want to build muscle are constantly being told they need to up their protein intake, but it is a fact that the body can only process only 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass per day. Anything above that is converted into fat. To make it worse, much of the protein powders have more sugar per serving than many sodas, so it is no wonder so many gym rats are walking around with big arms and a beer belly.

4. Eggs are bad for your heart.

Eggs went out of favor around the same time as saturated fats, and the sciences have made a 180 degree turn on this superfood as well. In fact, eggs are one of the most nutrient rich foods on the planet, offering plenty of protein, healthy fats, and over 10 other valuable nutrients.

Remember, before deciding to follow the next men’s health tip you hear, use common sense and do some research on the Internet and maybe even ask a doctor you trust to determine if it has credibility