Taking care of your Skin

I remember growing up I was amazed at how my grandma had a dressing table full of products with fancy sounding names, each with their own unique smells, not at all complementary of each other. I used to pick them up and read the ingredients listed and had no idea what so many of the words were...but she assured me that they were all good for her. I am sure she was right at least part of the time. Fast forward a few decades and we are at a point where many of us have evolved to demand better science and more natural products to use. The Aveda line Reflexion Spa features exceeds the expectations of even the most discerning, and the results speak for themselves as they deliver balanced botanicals to the body. Our professionals would be more than happy to speak with you in order to understand your concerns, and together we will work to create the right treatment program to ensure you look and feel your very best. Ask for Barbara, Marcela, or Suzy.