New to Acupuncture?


Acupuncture Newbie? Five Reasons to Embrace the Needles

Recently, you celebrated a milestone birthday with close friends and family members at one of your favorite restaurants. Since this joyous occasion, you’ve started fretting about your age. Like others, you desperately desire to live a long, happy, and fulfilling life. To help you accomplish this task, you’ve scheduled your first acupuncture session. If you can relate to this scenario, consider the following five reasons to embrace the needles.

Improve Physical Appearance

Regardless of whether you’re in your thirties, fifties, or seventies, you may desire to look younger. Utilized for hundreds of years in China, acupuncture for facial rejuvenation is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Acupuncture needles stimulate facial tissue by enhancing the circulation of blood flow. This process speeds up the creation of collagen. As more collagen is manufactured, the formation of wrinkles diminishes. Cosmetic acupuncture can help you gain younger looking skin without subjecting you to:

Potentially harmful chemical injections

To achieve beautiful, lasting results, scheduling 10 to 15 cosmetic acupuncture sessions at Reflexion Spa, a warriors retreat is recommended.

Lower Blood Pressure Numbers

Do you suffer from hypertension? When left unchecked, high blood pressure can contribute to a myriad of serious, health issues such as heart disease and strokes. If you struggle to control your blood pressure, consider scheduling acupuncture sessions at a day spa in Chicago. Research suggests acupuncture may be able to reduce blood pressure.

Improve Mood

Do you have a serious case of the blues you can’t shake? If you’re depressed or anxious, seeking acupuncture treatment at a day spa in Chicago might help. Acupuncture is believed to be able to regulate the neurotransmitters in your brain associated with happiness.

Sleep Better

A lack of quality sleep can affect both your physical and mental state. If you frequently battle insomnia, you may have tried everything from investing in sleeping masks to counting sheep. Acupuncture is thought to stimulate sound sleep by increasing the production of the neurotransmitters in your brain connected to relaxation.

Annihilate Headaches

For some people, the excruciating pain of headaches can be crippling. Whenever they experience a headache, they don’t want to anything except lie down until the pain subsides. Studies suggest acupuncture might effectively treat a variety of chronic, pain conditions including headaches. If you suffer from chronic headaches, acupuncture can be a great alternative to potentially harmful and addictive prescription and over-the-counter medications.

If improving both your physical appearance and your health are top priorities for you, acupuncture might be a viable solution. The aforementioned perceived benefits of acupuncture are undeniable. If you’re ready to begin the journey to health and happiness, consider scheduling acupuncture sessions at Reflexion Spa, a warriors retreat today.