Master Aveda Stylists and a fantastic Barber - spotlight on Hair - Amy, Suzy, and Jackie

Have you ever walked into a hair salon and felt completely lost, or completely ignored, or just plainly uncomfortable? Were you greeted and listened to? At the end of your appointment did you feel like you were paying way too much for far too little? Reflexion Spa set out years ago to bring true service and comfort back for everyone, and in expanding our service line we are continuing to do just that. Being ex mil I still get a haircut every 7 days whether I need it or not (and having fantastic professional barber services on site in Hinsdale helps) , but I know not everyone is like me and for some, especially ladies who rarely change styles but spend hours at home working to look their best, considering a new style or even taking a trip to the salon can be nerve racking.
That is where Reflexion Spa's own Amy and Suzy come in. Amy is an Aveda master Stylist that has been cutting, coloring, and styling multiple generations of customers in Hinsdale for over 15 years, perfecting techniques that deliver classic styles while always staying up to date on the latest trends and methods for those that are more daring. Suzy complements Amy not only with similar Aveda trained style, but helps complete your look by providing a full suite of cosmetology services...facials, nails, makeup, even waxing. For the men in your life, even the ones who prefer to spend their time in the garage, bring them along to enjoy a massage, maybe a nail cleanup and a style or hot shave from Jackie...they will be floating on air and thank you for it later.
As for those special days...homecoming, prom, weddings, birthdays...I can't count the number of times I have seen entire groups of ladies (often with unfortunate men in tow), rushing around from one place to the next always running short on time, or worse, starting hours earlier having stylists and makeup artists come to the house to be rushed through a is the epitome of chaos. What if a place existed where you could bring your suits and dresses with you, go to one place where you could get a massage, shower and get a cut or style; the men in your party could indulge in a hot shave while the rest enjoy skin treatments to make you glow and natural makeup to give your best features just the right accents, and then change on site and head out? That place is Reflexion Spa, and we may be new to Hinsdale but we are already your next favorite spot. Come see what you have been missing.