Is There Even a Point to Facials? Can My Skin Really Get Better?


Why Get a Facial at All?

They say that 40 is the new 30 (Which is fine for those of us over 40 already :-) ). This puts more pressure on both men and women to look and feel their best. Good skin and a healthy appearance can impact people professionally and personally. What do Reflexion Spa's Aveda Hinsdale facials have to do with this? First, it is important to understand exactly what a facial is and then what regular facials as a part of a healthy skincare routine can do for your skin and appearance as you age. Get the inside scoop on why a facial might be the next best thing you do for your appearance.

Facials in a Nutshell

A facial is a process wherein an esthetician will carefully clean, steam, exfoliate and possibly extract blackheads, whiteheads and other sources of accumulated sebum, dead skin cells and debris lodged within the pores of your skin. Regular face washing does not get as deep nor is as thorough as a facial from an experienced and licensed esthetician. During the process, an esthetician may alert you to changes in your skin, any areas of concern and steps you can take to address any issues and improve the health of your skin.

The Mayo Clinic believes in the importance of basic skincare, maintenance and protection. To that end, facials provide a thorough cleansing, slough off dry, dead skin cells, and remove accumulated toxins that may have lodged themselves within the pores of the skin. An esthetician can advise you on the best skincare products to use on your skin type and help you create a more effective skincare regimen for your lifestyle and age.

You Never Knew Your Skin Could Look So Good

A facial can improve the appearance, texture and tone of your skin. Individuals that regularly receive facials note a more dewy appearance, fewer acne flare ups, and a more even appearance. Extractions are of particular interest and professionals are the only ones with the experience to remove trapped oil without damaging the skin. As the skin ages, it takes longer for the skin to repair itself and scar tissue is more likely to form. In general, skin is less resilient than for those in the teens and early 20s. Good facials and a skincare regimen that addresses your skin’s particular needs help to maintain a healthy and fresh complexion. A Marie Claire writer reported that after a facial, she went to work “bare-faced” with a touch of eyeliner, and loved that her skin felt “so soft and supple.” Imagine that, you can take your “I woke up like this” face to work or a date. Try it for yourself.

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