If it were called Bioinformatics and Biomedicine would that change your mind about Acupuncture?

Some interesting things are happening in the field of medicine, health sciences, and big pharma as baby boomers keep getting older and those younger than them keep pushing harder, all resulting in greater need for proactive and preventative care. Personally I believe that within the next 2 decades we will be able to essentially replace major body components via either biological methods or synthetics. This is coupled with the belief that we will find many of these heavily marketed treatments pushing pills at us in the middle of our favorite shows that still only treat symptoms are horribly detrimental to our species in general. This again is paired with a personal mission to figure out how we can best listen to our bodies which were designed by a master craftsman and have the ability to not only heal but thrive if we just work towards balance. It is with this wellness mission in mind that Jade and I created Reflexion Spa. Unfortunately our quick fix society has trouble accepting programs that don't cause drastic changes immediately.

To make things even more muddy, those who do take a chance on alternative therapies like massage, acupuncture, and herbal treatments often end up in the hands of someone not truly capable. Some of our clients have implored us to add more staff to make appointments easier but within the same conversation they concur that it isn't just anyone who can do what we do nor have they found anyone else with the superior skills like that of TzuWen, Jade, Jenny, and Michael. These aren't your average off the street folks who took a couple continuing ed classes and then declared themselves experts...each one has worked years to truly master their craft in order to bring true healing to our customers.

I invite you to check a recent article from WSJ related to how the world is finally taking notice...its only taken the mainstream a thousand+ years to catch are you hot or cold? Come find out...