How to Improve Your Digestion with Massage Therapy

We're all familiar with the uncomfortable bloating and side effects of a sluggish digestive system. Digestive issues are uncomfortable and bad for your health. It is estimated that about 80% of your immune system's home is your digestive system. Keeping it running smooth is the key to keeping your whole body healthy.

When digestive distress strikes, your first inclination might be to reach for an over the counter remedy. But, do you know that there is a more natural, holistic approach to easing your digestive woes? The answer is massage therapy, and it can do great things for your digestion.
Why Choose Massage for Digestive Ease?

A complete, therapeutic massage will include a gentle massage of the abdomen area. You should only receive therapeutic massage from a professional. It is especially important that this area of your body is handled with care.

Research shows that abdominal massage can increase the rate of digestion, and relieve constipation through gentle stimulation. What's more, the combination of light pressure and stimulation of specific pressure points will ease bloating and even calm a queasy stomach.
How Gentle Massage Stimulates the Digestive System

For your body to properly digest food, there needs to be a constantly flowing supply of blood. Proper blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the digestive system that are needed to help break foods down. Without good circulation, your digestion becomes sluggish.

A whole-body massage, with the focus of light, gentle pressure in the abdomen area helps to increase circulation throughout the entire body, including your digestive system.

Additionally, the stimulation will promote the production of gastric acid and protease pepsin in the stomach. These are the enzymes that help to break food down into smaller particles. Food that is not broken down quickly will sit in the digestive tract and begin to ferment. This leads to uncomfortable gas and bloating, both of which can be eased by massage.

Also, the increased production of enzymes that break down foods means that more of the nutritive value will be extracted from what you eat. Massage that promotes healthy digestion does more than ease immediate digestive symptoms. It keeps you healthy and strong going into the future.
The Effect of Reflexology on Digestion

Along your hands and feet are pressure points that will be stimulated during a professional massage. These pressure points are directly connected to specific areas and functions of your body. Even if you are not receiving a reflexology treatment, the stimulation of these points will have profound effects on how you feel, including digestion.

When certain regions on the hands and feet are stimulated, they can ease nausea, relieve constipation, ease heartburn and reduce bloating and gas.
The Soothing Approach

It really is amazing when you think about the interconnectedness in our bodies. What happens in your digestive system can affect your health from an annoying headache to chronic diseases caused by an imbalance of the digestive ecosystem. Ease digestive distress and promote your own wellbeing by scheduling a relaxing, therapeutic massage. Call us today, we are waiting to help.