How to Enhance the Vitality of Hair and Nails During the Winter Months


Winter is harsh on the body, including nails and hair. Unfortunately, the best ways to reduce winter hair and nail damage tend to get lost in the holiday turmoil and resolutions made for the new year. However, your goal of improving your nail and hair health can start with using these tips and taking advantage of available spa services Hinsdale and surrounding areas need now more than ever.

1. Ditch the Hot Showers (I know, hearing this doesn't make those sub-zero days any better, sorry).
Water strips the skin, hair and nails of vital nutrients, and while it may feel comforting during the winter, it could be doing more harm than good, explains ABC News. Consider taking a lukewarm shower, and avoid spending extra time using the blow-dryer on your hair.

2. Wash Under Your Fingernails Often

Did you know that up to 42 percent of people, asserts PR Newswire, believe they will get sick this winter? Unclean nails are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. These pathogens can literally eat away at your nails over time. When washing your hands, make sure to scrub under your nails thoroughly.

3. Increase Your Intake of Healthy Fats.

Foods with healthy fats include beans, fish and nuts, a staple of winter. Healthy fats improve hair and nail strength while increasing your immune system. In other words, if you can help your body stay healthy, you can help your nails and hair make it through winter too. Do not forget to eat lean meats, which are key sources of amino acids, reports Glamour magazine, essential to nail and hair growth. But, if meats are not your fancy, consider taking a Zinc supplement.

4. Use Shampoos With Essential Fatty Acids in Them.

Many shampoos or conditioners are being sold that contain argan, coconut, olive or avocado oils. Each of these oils are a type of essential fatty acid, which help strengthen and improve the vitality of your hair. In addition, some of these products may be applied after showering for increased effect. Ask your spa services Hinsdale technician about what local products they recommend for your hair health during the winter.

Reclaim Your Nail and Hair Beauty From Winter.
Winter is dry and unforgiving, but it does not have to cause permanent damage to your nails and hair. Use these tips today, and treat your hair health with spa services Hinsdale residents can depend on. Book your warrior’s retreat now at Reflexion Spa in Hinsdale online or by calling 1 (630) 321-1772.