How Massage Keeps Your Muscles in Good Health During the Cold Winter Months

Many people experience muscle and joint pain during the winter months which prevents them from maintaining their usually level of activity. Add to it that treacherous weather conditions sometimes make it impossible to go out for a run, or even make it to the gym, and soon you’re feeling the effects of sore, tired and underused muscles.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep you muscles in good health during the winter months, such as regular massage therapy. We know, after a long winter you probably don’t need much convincing, but here are some of the ways that massage can heal and protect winter-tired muscles.

A Warming Reprieve

Regular exercise warms your muscles, improves blood flow and prevents them from becoming stiff and knotted. During the winter, we tend to not be as active as we are during other times of the year, especially with outdoor activities. The desire to spend time indoors is strong, and that often leads to cozying up and relaxing.

When you’re accustomed to regular physical activity, even a few days of inactivity can leave your muscles feeling tired and weak. Soon, muscles will be stiff and sore from lack of use. Plus, even if you do happen to make it outside for a brisk run or walk, the cold air makes it even harder for cold, stiff muscles to warm up. It feels like a hopeless situation.

Massage can warm and stretch your muscles in ways that they’re missing during the winter. The friction of massage warms muscles, improves circulation and relaxes tense muscle tissue. Massage is also an important factor in preventing injuries once you return to your regular routine.

A Change in Routine

Let’s say you do make it out of your cozy home to get some fresh air and exercise. Wintertime activities like skiing, ice skating, and even shoveling snow work your muscles differently. Often people who run in the winter have slight changes in their stride as they compensate for the slippery and uneven terrain.

All of this means one thing, sore muscles.

Regular massage helps keep your muscles healthy for wintertime activities. The gentle pressing and kneading motion will loosen and relax muscle fibers, which creates greater muscle stability and flexibility. Not only will you get more out of your winter time activities, but you’ll also reduce the risk of injury.

Accident Prevention

We all know there’s no shortage of opportunity for injury during the winter. But, sometimes accident prevention isn’t just about snow and ice removal. Often, it’s how we’re moving our bodies that leads to injuries. For example, tight hamstrings from cold weather might cause you to walk differently and lose your balance more easily on ice and snow.

A full body massage keeps all your muscle groups strong, healthy and working properly.

Don’t let the last blast of winter get you down. Keep your muscles healthy by contacting Reflexion Spa and scheduling a relaxing, therapeutic massage today.