High Quality Full Service Spa in Hinsdale

Perhaps this is more of an announcement than a blog post...
Reflexion Spa was conceived of a goal to be the best independent, no nonsense spa in the Chicago area focused on core services and driven to perfection in delivery of the same to each of our customers. While we have been winning awards and are highly reviewed, we have learned quite a bit in the past three years by listening and valuing each of our customers while staying true to our core brand and identity as the only fix it spot. We have also learned how to not worry about those that try to imitate us, instead choosing to be flattered that others might (at least on the surface) share our vision of truly helping people.
So we are raising the bar, again. Over the past couple of years our customers have repeatedly asked us to apply our approach to providing even more service offerings. Keeping this in mind as we looked to open our second space, we finally settled on a location in Hinsdale. Located in historic downtown, the buildout is complete and we are open for business with an expanded range of services now offering not only the
best deep tissue and couples massages in Hinsdale along with
comprehensive acupuncture,
cupping and herbal medicines BUT we decided to make it a full service Aveda concept spa using natural products to offer
Full service Hair (cut, color, style),
Facials, Wraps, Scrubs and believe it or not...Makeup...all at better pricing and more consistent quality than you will find anywhere else in the area.
This is all with the goal of truly being your one stop Fix It spot...see you soon!