Herbal consultation and treatment

Reflexion Spa has had several inquiries from our customers related to herbal treatment...both around continuing treatments or starting, and sometimes out of frustration with current medications or just curiosity. So with that in mind, maybe you are in a hurry or just dislike the idea of acupuncture needles in your body? Maybe you are tired of spending so much time at the pharmacy and taking pill after pill that produces marginal results. If you are fed up then maybe a regimen of Chinese herbal formulas is for you.

The use of Chinese herbal formulas has a rich history and tradition. Together with acupuncture, herbal formulas are a major pillar of Chinese medicine.

Herbs are prescribed according to your specific needs and the exact nature of the imbalances underlying your issues. It is for this reason that a detailed health assessment is necessary. After a thorough evaluation and consultation, your practitioner would prescribe the herbal formula that is tailored to your condition.

At Reflexion Spa, we use granulated herbs, which are highly concentrated powdered extracts. Practitioners can then mix one or more herbal formula powders together for each patient into a custom formula. The powder is then placed in hot water to recreate the decoction. This eliminates the need to prepare the herbs at home, but still retains much of the original decoction's potency.

Chinese herbal formulas are safe and can be quite effective. Side effects are extremely rare when taken as prescribed. In fact, the most commonly used formulas have been used successfully for thousands of years. We recommend herbs to many of our patients because they can increase the effectiveness of acupuncture and massage treatments in many cases decreasing required treatment time or frequency.

Ultimately the choice is up to you...stick with the synthetic meds from big pharma that fix one thing, break 5 others and have a cautions and disclaimers list so long it wouldn't fit on a roll of paper towels...or exploring a a more natural path of health many have been following for centuries.