Can I get Novalash lash extensions at Reflexion?

You may be surprised at the type of requests we have received over the years from our customers asking us to <please please> expand services so they don't have to go everywhere for the other primping and feel good things they do. For Reflexion Spa to enter into any new offering it has to be the right environment, the right products (as natural as possible, safe, good corporate citizens, etc), and most importantly the right professionals providing top notch services. All you have to do is look around your neighborhood to see the number of places popping up and then disappearing and believe me, finding the right formula is easier said than done. Our Reflexion Spa in Hinsdale is the answer to much of what our customers have been asking for over the past 3+ years, and at only ~25 minutes from downtown Chicago is an easy trip even for our customers that live in the city.

The short answer as to whether we offer lash extensions is: YES. We were lucky enough to be able to bring on Angie, Marcela, and Suzy to the team, all of whom are specifically trained in the art of lashes.

Reflexion uses only Novalash, which has been on the market globally since early 2000's and uses award-winning, long-lasting, pharmaceutical grade adhesives that have earned NovaLash® its reputation as “the healthiest” professional lash extension system. Comprised of a wide-ranging palette of colors and textures that can be combined for looks that run the gamut from subtle and natural to trendy and glamorous; each application is a work of art with an intricate finish.

As the industry leader, NovaLash offers superior education and training to its most talented and dedicated lash artists, and superior products and service to its clients. NovaLash works diligently to embody and exemplify the best that technology, science, creative artistry and customer satisfaction can achieve.

So, if you happen to have not been blessed with naturally long, full eyelashes come to Reflexion - your secret is safe with us. See you soon!