7 Signs You Need a Professional Massage Treatment

Whether you spend your days working in an office, chasing after kids, or training for sporting events, daily activities are likely to strain your body. Your body develops pain and stiffness to tell you something is wrong. However, many symptoms are relieved through regular professional massage therapy.

Here are seven surefire signs that your body is telling you that it's time for a massage!

1. You experience frequent headaches.

Headaches are often a sign of tension in your neck and shoulders. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as sitting in an office environment for long periods of time or experiencing frequent unresolved stress. A massage will relieve this tension, resulting in less frequent headaches.

2. You slouch and your lower back hurts!

If you're unusually slouchy and experiencing pain or stiffness in your lower back, you may benefit from a massage. Because your lower lumbar provides most of the support for your upper body, you may experience pain if you're overly-active or spend too long sitting in upright, unsupported positions. A professional massage will relieve this pain, allowing you to stretch those muscles and lose the slouch!

3. You have constant joint pain.

That stiffness and pain in your joints may not be arthritis. In fact, joints can easily become inflamed or stiff from overuse. If you find that you're experiencing joint pain, a massage can relieve tension in muscle tissue surrounding your joints.

4. You aren't as flexible as before.

Decreased flexibility can be due to lack of exercise, but if you experience a sudden tightening in your muscles that results in limited mobility, your body may be saying it's time for a massage. Limited mobility is usually due to inflammation of muscle tissue around joints. This can be frustrating when trying to carry out daily activities. Professional massage therapy can reduce inflammation in the body and restore mobility to your limbs and joints.

5. Your anxiety never seems to ease up.

Massage therapy works to break down and remove toxins and waste from the muscles. This can result in a euphoric, relaxed feeling. For this reason, professional massages are often sought out by those who suffer from anxiety disorders.

6. You have no energy!

If you find that you're unusually sluggish, you may get a boost from a professional massage. Massages are proven to increase circulation, reduce pain, and speed up muscle recovery. This can reduce fatigue and provide you with increased energy throughout the day.

7. You experience insomnia.

You may not notice the pain, but irritated nerve activity can dramatically reduce the amount of time you sleep, as well as the amount of rest you get while sleeping. If you find that you have a difficult time getting comfortable or falling asleep, it may be time for a massage. Professional massage therapy will decrease inflammation in your nerves, making it easier to get comfortable. This may help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and feel more rested when you wake.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, book a professional massage therapy appointment at Reflexion Spa now! Massage therapy can result in pain relief, better sleep, and relaxation that will greatly improve your quality of life.