5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Bring You Better Sleep

Is there anything more relaxing than a professional massage? Massage is used as a way of pampering yourself and de-stressing after a long day. But, do you know that the benefits of a professional massage stay with you, long after you walk out of the spa?

One of these benefits is better sleep. Quality sleep is crucial for your mental and physical health. Good sleep habits will keep you healthy by keeping your immune system, and even helping you live longer.

Here are five ways that massage can help you sleep better, longer and more peacefully.
Massage Promotes Relaxation

We run around nonstop, never giving our bodies the chance to rest and recover. What happens when we don't honor the body's need for recovery? Stress and tension build up and that can spell disaster for your sleep habits.

Massage eases away stress and tension, especial in tight muscles around the neck and shoulder areas which can not only make it difficult to sleep comfortably, but also lead to headaches that can interfere with quality sleep.
Massage Reduces Pain

Chronic pain can lead to insomnia. Pain, that comes from an injury or chronic illness, makes it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. This, of course, makes it hard to fall asleep and maintain quality rest throughout the night.

Massage therapy that has been tailored to your individual needs will help to ease pain and give you the chance for some quality shut eye.
Massage Reduces the Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can severely interfere with the quality of your sleep. Symptoms for these conditions include both overwhelming fatigue and insomnia. Massage is a therapeutic tool that can help ease these symptoms.

First, if you are suffering from depression or anxiety, it is important to speak to your doctor. The second thing you need to do is take care of yourself. A professional massage has been shown to ease symptoms like sleep disturbances and overwhelming emotions, while bringing about a feeling of balance and control.
Massage Brings Emotions to the Surface

How many nights have you stayed awake simply because there was too much emotional energy built up inside of you? Massage is a tool of relaxation that can help you release this emotional energy. There are also pressure points along the body, associated with emotions, that are stimulated during a massage. This opens you up and breaks down emotional barriers, so you can let go.
Massage Lets You Turn It OFF

It has been shown that massage reduces the activity of both Beta and Alpha brainwaves. These are the brainwaves responsible for thought and action. They are also the brainwaves that are on overdrive when you are wide awake at night. Massage has been shown to reduce the activity of these brainwaves, allowing your mind to relax, shut down and let it all go.

A good night's sleep is just a massage away. At Reflexion Spa, we care about your health and wellbeing. Contact us today for an appointment.