5 Psychological Benefits of Asian Massage

While there are endless benefits to massage therapy, its impact on your psychological health is often overlooked. Massages are often related to physical relaxation, but they undoubtedly affect your mental health as well. Receiving regular massages can greatly improve your psychological well-being and help to lessen the effects of serious psychological disorders, such as anxiety and depression. The massage therapists at Reflexion Spa understand the importance of a healthy, balanced mind to compliment a healthy body and soul.

1. Massage Therapy Greatly Reduces Stress

It’s no secret that stress can negatively impact the mind and body. In fact, stress is often the culprit of many different ailments, varying from serious conditions like sleep deprivation to simple, but annoying conditions, such as acne. During a massage, your brain releases great amounts of cortisol. This neurochemical is responsible for managing and reducing stress levels in the body. In addition to the extra cortisol flowing through the brain, a massage can satisfy the natural human need to feel nurtured. These few minutes of complete relaxation can allow you to mentally unwind, let go of simple stresses, and allow you the ability to take on new stresses with a clear mind.

2. Less Stress Means Better Sleep

Stress reduction can instantly result in better sleep. The inability to fall asleep at night or stay asleep throughout the night is often directly related to increased levels of stress. If you have noticed that it is much more difficult to sleep the night before an important interview, it is likely that this insomnia is due to stress or worry. Achieving the recommended amount of sleep every night can be difficult when leading a busy life, and losing precious minutes of sleep due to stress can be incredibly frustrating. Using regular massage therapy to reduce stress can help you to fully utilize sleeping hours, which helps to improve your mental health and concentration.

3. Regular Massages Can Improve Your Ability to Focus

Along with regular, comfortable, stress-free sleep comes an increased ability to concentrate. In fact, many people agree that a regular massage can even reduce some of the frustrating symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. A full night’s sleep will greatly increase brain function, allowing you to process information more quickly and avoid distractions. In fact, concentration has been shown to greatly increase even immediately following a relaxing massage.

4. A Massage Can Help Manage Anxiety and Depression

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, it is likely that you have considered clinical medications to treat your conditions. Usually, these medications will work to increase your serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. However, receiving regular massages may be equally beneficial in this aspect. It has been proven that a massage will promote an increase in production of these two neurochemicals, which can help you naturally decrease your anxiety and depression. Often, you will feel significantly happier and calmer immediately after a massage, and regular massages can help to consistently increase your mood and control your anxiety.

5. Helping the Brain Will Help the Body

A massage can help make your brain healthier overall, which will help make your body healthier, too. Increasing your brain's ability to function, reducing your stress levels, and balancing your neurochemicals will allow your brain to more effectively control your body’s organ systems. Increased brain function means an increase in your body’s ability to perform regular, necessary functions, such as digestion or respiration. Using regular massages to increase your brain’s ability to control the body’s functions can also result in a more efficient immune system, helping you fight off illnesses much more quickly.

Whether you're looking for a safe, natural way to ease the effects of your psychological disorder or simply want to reap the benefits of decreased stress and increased relaxation, scheduling a massage appointment at Reflexion Spa today will get you on the path to a healthier mind. The benefits of regular massages are endless, and your mind - and body - will thank you for it.