5 Favorite Nail Colors to Take the Chill Out of Fall


While the fact that we’re blotting a little perspiration from our brow is a sure sign that summer is still in full force, it won’t be too long until those first few cool breezes of autumn start flowing through the air. Fall is the time of year where everything feels warm and cozy. It’s the time when you finally bring out your favorite bulky sweaters and look forward to quiet evenings with a mug of warm cider. Fall is also the time that the beauty and fashion industry burst forth with the new trends that will take us through the fall holidays and into the new year.

One accessory for fall that we’re most excited about is the new color palette that fashion forward nails will be sporting this year. The colors that are trending this fall are warm, luscious and irresistible. Here are 5 of our favorite nail colors for fall.

Juiciest Blackberry

This year expect to see shades of blackberry that are so deep and juicy that you’ll almost be able to smell a freshly baked blackberry pie coming from the oven. Deeper tones – like jewel inspired purples – almost always make an appearance during the fall months, but this season the color is richer and more inspired by nature. Expect for blackberry to be a color that you see through fall and well into winter.

Not-So-Shy Neutrals

Thankfully, the “rules” of appropriate nail color have changed, but that doesn’t mean that rich, dark colors are appropriate for every occasion. If you’re occupation requires a lighter color, or you just prefer a more neutral look for your own nails, you’ll be happy to know that neutrals are staying strong this fall. The only difference is that they’ll be a bit more opaque than the sheer, shimmery neutral shades of spring and summer. Also, expect to see some darker neutral colors making an appearance, like warm chocolate brown and even stark white.

Shades of Olives and Leaves

The leaves may be falling one by one off the trees, but shades of green remain strong throughout the fall. To stay up with this trend, steer away from spring-like pastels and shades that lend a tropical flair. Instead focus on shades of green like rich olive or forest – the types of greens that appear silken when on your nails and lend warmth to any outfit. This season’s greens are classy and sophisticated.

Smoky Blues

Blue is a color that never seems to go out of style, regardless of the season. There are so many beautiful shades, from pastel to the deepest navy, that there’s always one to fit the mood and the season. However, this fall we’re seeing blues take on smokier hue. From grey blues to smoky teal, we’re excited to see this new range of a favorite hue come to life.

Classic Coral

Coral has become one of the most beloved, classic colors for spring and summer – probably because it accents lightly sun-kissed skin so well. It always a little sad when we have to pack away this bright cheery color come fall, but not this year! Coral is hanging around this fall and providing just the right burst of pinkish brightness to counteract cloudy fall days.

Get Your Nails Ready for Fall

Before you pack away your summer clothes, don’t forget to make an appointment for a fall inspired nail treatment. We offer a range of manicure and pedicure services. Contact Reflexion Spa today and let us help you feel inspired about the change in the seasons.