4 Reasons to Incorporate Massage Therapy Into Your Workout

Massage. Just the word alone is enough to invite daydreams of a spa day, and immediately relieve the tension in your shoulders. It’s the perfect way to pamper yourself after a long day or at the end of the week. As pampering as massage is, it’s important to know that massage can also help keep your body healthy and strong.

Integrating massage therapy into your regular workout routine is just one way of making this happen.

The whole point of exercise is to stay healthy, strong and resilient. Part of that process should involve taking steps to repair and restore your body, while supporting your mental health n the process. Regular massage therapy is arguably one of the most effective tools to prepare your body for physical stress, and help you recover. Here are just 4 reasons why you should make massage therapy an integral part of your regular workouts.

Increase Flexibility and Performance with a Pre-Workout Massage

You wouldn’t think of running a few laps without doing some stretches first. It’s a well-known fact that muscles need to be warmed up, or stretched, before starting any type of strenuous exercise. A little time invested in warming up boosts your performance and prevents injuries.

Massage helps to warm and loosen your muscles pre-workout. But it isn’t just strain on muscles and tendons you need to be worried about. Between your skin and muscles is a layer of connective fiber. These fibers can break down or become stiff, limiting your range of motion and causing injuries when you overextend. Typical stretching doesn’t always relax these fibers, but a therapeutic massage can.

Faster Recovery

If you’ve ever pushed yourself during a workout, you’re probably too familiar with the saying “no pain, no gain”. Muscles naturally get tired and tense after a good workout, and we’ve been conditioned to believe that this is a good thing.

The discomfort and fatigue you start to feel at the end of your workout serves a purpose. It sends the message that you’re reached a physical threshold. This is important, but wouldn’t it be nice to not carry a reminder around with you for the rest of the day?

A post workout massage instantly relieves some of the tension and fatigue of freshly worked muscles. You’ll have the physical energy to keep up with that new load of endorphins.

Less Next Day Pain

You really pushed yourself, and the next day you can barely move. After a strenuous workout, a buildup of lactic acid and toxins accumulate in your muscle tissue. This results in that all too familiar pain and stiffness the next day.

Deep tissue massage can help to flush out the lactic acid and toxins, so you can move around a little easier and enjoy your day off from the gym.

Mental Boost

Regular exercise is a major contributor to mental health and a positive outlook. The endorphin rush after a tough workout is great. It’s important though, to remember to take care yourself emotionally long after the endorphins have worn off.

Regular massage helps keep you balanced, centered and reinforces the idea that you’re worth a little pampering and self-care.

We take your physical and mental well being seriously. We want to help you live your best life and offer a variety of services that will complement your regular workout routine. Contact us at Reflexion Spa to learn more and schedule an appointment.