3 Ways Acupuncture Can Combat Stress

Do you find yourself constantly feeling stressed out and run down? If so, acupuncture could be just what you need.

While a little stress is healthy, too much of it can cause a wide range of problems for the mind and body. It can lead to sleep issues, anxiety and depression, and even increase the likelihood of developing a serious medical condition like heart disease.

The good news is that there are a variety of different ways you can reduce stress, with acupuncture therapy being one of them. Here’s three ways it can help with stress.

1. Balances the Nervous System

Acupuncture helps to balance out the central nervous system. Using key points on the body where the needles are inserted, acupuncture encourages the nervous system to adapt and run in a more optimized state.

This is important for stress relief, as when the body is stressed, the sympathetic nervous system generates a fight-or-flight response. As a result, energy that would normally be used for general functions within the body is instead invested into fighting the perceived threat and/or fleeing from it. This will leave you feeling constantly drained if you’re suffering from chronic, long-term stress. Acupuncture can ease your body out of this fight-or-flight mode, and into a calmer and more relaxed state of well-being.

2. Releases Endorphins

Endorphins are responsible for leaving you feeling happy and relaxed. You may already know that they’re released when you exercise, but did you know they can also be released through acupuncture?

A majority of people find that they feel more relaxed, calm and happy after an acupuncture session. While you’ll typically start to feel the effects after a single session, you will need approximately 6-8 sessions to experience the full benefits.

Additionally, acupuncture stimulates the production of oxytocin, which is known to be a calming hormone that often works in harmony with endorphins; giving you an extra happiness boost.


Since acupuncture uses needles, there’s a common misconception that it will be painful and stressful. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however.

When performed correctly by a reliable practitioner, acupuncture is painless and relaxing. Some patients even fall asleep during their sessions, particularly if they’re going through a very stressful period in their life.

While many believe that acupuncture can alter brainwaves, much like meditation does, it also relaxes the body deep from within. This means you’ll continue to feel the relaxing benefits long after you’ve left the treatment table.

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