3 Very Healthy Reasons to Make a Massage Appointment Today

If you’re still on the fence about trying massage as a cure for most of your daily ills, here are three very healthy reasons why you should make the call today:

Beat Anxiety and Stress, Promote Alertness

Studies have actually proven a link between massage and decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. After a massage, you will feel better, less stressed, and more alert. If you suffer from seasonal depression (especially during Chicago’s eternal winters), you might find that massage helps those feelings under control. Last but not least, because cortisol has been linked to weight gain, massage might be a valuable tool towards helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Decrease Your Pain Levels

According to, 80% of Americans will experience intense back pain at some time in their lives. More than 37 million American suffer from migraines. In all, serious chronic pain affects 116 million, or one third of Americans every year.

If you suffer from any chronic pain condition, chances are there is a type of massage out there that can help to reduce your pain and increase your quality of life without having to resort to medications and their side effects.

Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is the body’s way of repairing and rebooting itself. Most people in today’s fast-paced world can use a little more sleep, but few have the time for the recommended full eight hours. Even more people suffer from intermittent or unsound sleep, which leaves them chronically tired and in-alert.

If you’ve ever drifted off on a massage table, you know how easy massage makes it to fall asleep. That is because massage has been linked to an increase in delta brain waves, which promote the kind of deep sleep that the body needs most.